Board of Nursing

NCLEX® Licensure Exam Information

To obtain valuable information on the topics listed below go, to the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, Inc.ís web page at

Topics you will find there include:

  • An Overview of the NCLEX® Examination Testing Process
  • How to Register for the NCLEX® Examination
  • Scheduling an Appointment to Test
  • NCLEX® Candidate Information Brochure
  • NCLEX® Examination Candidate Bulletin
  • NCLEX® Examination Development
  • NCLEX® Examination Review Materials and Courses
  • NCLEX® Examination Passing Rates

You will also find valuable information about Computerized Adaptive Testing (CAT), including:

  • Overview
  • NCLEX® Examination Using CAT Brochure
  • How CAT Works: A Candidate Primer
  • How Many Questions Will a Candidate Be Asked?
  • Why Aren't Skipping Questions and Changing Answers Allowed?
  • Frequently Asked Questions