Beginning June 1, 2020, the Division and its boards will begin to accept members of the public in its building but with some new rules and safeguards.
  • If you are an applicant or licensee, and you plan to hand deliver items, you will be required to remain in the lobby area to meet with a representative of your board. The Division will limit the number of members of the public in the lobby to THREE. Others will be required to remain in your vehicle or outside until you are able to meet with board staff. The Division and its boards kindly ask you to socially distance while visiting the Division. Please have any documents that require notarization completed, including the notarization, prior to your visit.
  • If you plan to visit the Division to hand deliver items or take an examination, you will be expected to answer questions regarding your health and any exposure to COVID 19. If you have any of the common symptoms of COVID 19, you will not be granted entry into the building. Staff will be on hand to meet you at the front of the building and you will be expected to maintain social distancing within the Division of Professional Registration.
  • If you are a member of the public who wishes to attend the public meeting of one of our boards, the board will provide you information to attend virtually. Those who do need to gain entry into the building for the meeting will be required to maintain social distancing in the building. You may be asked to wait outside if you have a scheduled appointment with the board and answer questions regarding your health and any exposure to COVID 19.


Renewal notifications were emailed to licensees' valid email addresses and mailed via post-card to those without valid addresses at the beginning of September.

Licensees that would like to renew online can go to A PIN number (included in the renewal email and on the post-card) will be required and there will be a convenience fee. If you have misplaced your PIN number, one can be requested in writing from the board office by via email to, via facsimile at (573) 751-8216, or by writing to the board's address.

It is recommended that licensees submit renewal applications by November 1, 2020 to allow processing time.

Any licensee whose license has not been renewed by the expiration is not authorized to practice after that date until the license has been renewed by the board. Submission of the renewal form and fee does not constitute renewal or grant the ability to practice after the expiration date.

To request a duplicate paper renewal notice, contact the board office at or via facsimile at (573) 751-8216 or by phone at (573) 751-0040. Paper renewals will be emailed, faxed or mailed to the licensee based on the request.


The Missouri Dental Board has become aware that someone has been calling dental offices claiming to be from the Dental Board and reporting that the dentist or dental office is under investigation. The caller says that the dentist or dental office must post a bond and attempts to obtain payment over the telephone or provides information of where to send the purported bond.

Please be aware that this is a scam. There is no such bond associated with any type of Dental Board activity. Additionally, under no circumstances will the Board contact licensees and solicit any kind of payment over the phone.

Fee Changes

Effective February 28, 2019

  • Dental and Dental Specialist application fees will be reduced to $150.00.
  • Dental Hygienist application fees will be reduced to $100.00.

Veterans - learn about reimbursement for your licensing examination fees.

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