Registered Nurse Renewals

RN licenses expire April 30, 2011. The fee to renew your RN license is $40.00. Nurses frequently call office to inquire about license renewal procedures. Some of these calls occur because renewal notices were not received. Renewal notices are mailed three months prior to the expiration date to the address we have on file.

Approximately 93,000 renewal notifications were sent to RN's in early Feburary. Unfortunately not all are delivered. Many are returned undeliverable by the post office.

You must either renew online or with a paper renewal. You cannot renew by sending only a fee. If you need a paper renewal, complete this form and mail or fax it to our office. Click here for renewal request form.

The State Board of Nursing will no longer issue a paper verification to licensees who opt to come to the Board office to renew his/her license. Renewals in person are NOT quicker. You may come to the board of nursing office to renew your license. However, you will NOT receive your license or verification that day. The license will be mailed to you. It can take up to 5 business days to renew a license.

As soon as your license status can be verified online as current, you may begin practicing. Licenses may be verified for free, 24/7 at This website will allow you to verify multi-state or single state license status, discipline and expiration date.