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Effective June 6, 2018 pursuant to Commission directive ---- any licensee requesting a name change will need to provide a copy of one of the below listed documents before the name change request will be processed.

Legal Documentation that is acceptable:

  1. Marriage License,
  2. Divorce Decree,
  3. Adoption Papers,
  4. Copy of Driver's License,
  5. Copy of Social Security Card,
  6. Name Change Court Documents.


If you are a current licensee, please fill out the short 1 minute survey below.

2017 Rule Review

Pursuant to Executive Order 17-03 and Section 536.175 RSMo., the MREC will be conducting a review. The MREC will be taking public comments on any of its rules during its October 11, 2017 and December 6, 2017 commission meetings. The Executive Order 17-03 review must be completed by May 31, 2018 and the 536.175 RSMo., review must begin no later than July 1, 2019; therefore, the two rule reviews will be jointly conducted.

The MREC will take general comments as follows:

  1. On-line comments via the website were taken from July 1, 2017 through September 15, 2017 to solicit and incorporate comments and advice from private citizens, stakeholders, regulated entities, and others interested in real estate activities in Missouri.
  2. Two public hearings will be held at 10:30 a.m., on October 11, 2017 and December 6, 2017 during the regularly scheduled Commission Meetings to allow citizens and businesses to identify regulations that are ineffective, unnecessary, or unduly burdensome.
  3. Written comments mailed to the MREC office at 3605 Missouri Blvd., Suite 230, Jefferson City, MO 65109 were accepted from July 1 through September 15, 2017, to take specific comments on any of the real estate rules.

MREC staff will submit to the Division Director of the Division of Professional Registration (PR) a report affirming whether or not:

  1. The regulations are essential to the health, safety, or welfare of Missouri residents (whether the rule continues to be necessary, is obsolete, or if it overlaps, duplicates, or conflicts with other rules).
  2. The cost of the regulation does not outweigh its benefits.
  3. A process and schedule exist to measure the effectiveness of the regulation.
  4. Less restrictive alternatives have been considered and found less desirable than the regulation.
  5. The regulation is based on sound, reasonably available scientific, technical, economic, and other relevant information.
  6. The regulation does not unduly and adversely affect Missouri citizens or customers of the State, or the competitive economic environment in Missouri.

The report to the PR Division Director will include a recommendation for action necessary to repeal or modify current regulations that do not meet the criteria established in Items 1-6 above.


Effective immediately, and until further notice, the MREC will no longer accept "License Verification" printouts from the Kansas Real Estate Commission's website. The License Verification/Certification must come directly from the Kansas Real Estate Commission (KREC). These License Verification/Certifications can be faxed or emailed, but it must be directly from the KREC office not their website.

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