Fresh Start Act: Pre-licensure Criminal History Determination

Under section 324.012.7, RSMo, individuals can request a pre-licensure determination of their criminal record under the Fresh Start Act.


It has recently been brought to the Board's attention that some dentists may be numbing a patient in the dental office and then allowing the patient to leave the office numb so s/he can go to a tattoo artist for permanent makeup applications. In part, the practice of dentistry is defined as the administration of an anesthetic in connection with dental services or dental operations or dental surgery. The practice of dentistry does not provide for the administration of an anesthetic for non-dental related procedures. If a complaint is filed with the Board and the dentist is found to be administering an anesthetic to allow for the patient to have a non-dental related procedure performed, such as the application of permanent makeup, this is cause for the Board to pursue disciplinary action against the licensee.

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The Missouri Division of Professional Registration, Office of Tattooing, Body Piercing and Branding (Office) has received inquiries regarding the regulation of the practice of "microblading." The Office appreciates the concerns for public safety in the practice of the "microblading" procedure. Although the Office recognizes the potential for public safety issues, the Office has not been given specific statutory authority to regulate this practice.

Practitioners and establishments, licensed by the Office, who offer the "microblading" service, must comply with licensing, safety and sanitation requirements of Chapter 324 of the Missouri Revised Statutes and Title 20, Division 2267 of the Code of State Regulations as such relates to their licensed professions as tattoo, body piercer and branding practitioners and establishments. Those practitioners and establishments are also subject to periodic inspections to help ensure compliance with the applicable laws of those licensed professions. However, the "microblading" practice, itself, is not subject to the statutes and regulations enforceable through this Office.

The Office would like to caution Missouri consumers to ask individuals offering to provide "microblading" services about their training and qualifications to perform such service before receiving "microblading" services.